Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keep Wishing

I keep wishing we weren't through
I keep seeing you in my dreams at night
Why did it have to end this way
Why did we say the things that were said

Somewhere someday maybe these tears will cease
But I keep thinking it's never going to be that day
How can I change the past
How can I look at the future

You where my future
You where my heart
You where my soul
Where did it all go?

It went away
You took it away
With the words you said to me
With the tears streaming down my face

How could you say those words?
How could you say that about someone I love?
How could you not understand he means the world to me?
You will never understand
You will never see the light of day

You will be lost in your soul
You have lost your soul mate
You have lost the one
And you will never get that back

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