Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Can't

Now that your gone
I can go back to being me
I can move on and look for true love
You had me at the tip of your fingers
Now I can be happy and free

I really though I cared about you
But that was just a feeling of desire
I despair what we had
Now I can only laugh
Please forget me
Please forget my name

Lose my number
Erase me from your brain
Let me go
I can’t care for you no more

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because I Am Me

You see my broken heart
You want to try and heal it
You want to see me smile
You want to see my tears stop
You see me for me

I may not be all that pretty
I may not be all that skinny
I may not be all that girly
I may not be all that tall
But I am me

So please forgive me for my dorkyness
So please forgive me for my assholeness
So please forgive me for my cockyness
So please forgive me for my sarcasm
Because I am me

I want to dream my dreams
Even though I know they will never come true
I want to know my thoughts
Even though they are sometimes crazy
I want to feel your love
Even though I don’t think I will ever totally have it
That is because I am me

Someday I will find the truth
Someday I will have that wisdom
Someday maybe you will be mine
Someday will be someday
Until that day I will be me

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Will Be In My Heart

When I was young I used to cry myself to sleep
Cause of the though of missing you was so deep
But its been 24 years sense you have left me
And I am still not over you
I feel you all around me

Wishing I could knock on heavens door
Just to see you once more
To say the things that I never got to say
To touch that beautiful face
Just to see you smile one more time

You left my life to soon
I will never forget you
My love for you is still here
One day we will meet again
Till that day I will always miss you
And I will always love you
You will be in my heart forever

Friday, March 18, 2011

Eye To Eye

Why don't we see eye to eye
Why do I cry when I think of you
Your in my thoughts during the day
Your in my dreams at night
I just can't seem to get you out of my heart
Can't seem to get you out of my mind

Where do I go now
How do I try to move on
I want to be with you
But I know we aren't meant to be
So now I'm trying to move on
I wonder if you even still think of me

I look up at the stars at night
Hoping your doing the same
Looking for a shooting star
So I can make a wish
Even thought I know it would never come true

My life is falling apart without you in it
I miss holding you
I miss your kiss
I miss your touch
I miss almost everything about you
But you just didn't want to let me in
You didn't want me knowing you

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How To Love

When I look in to your brown eyes
I see the hurt that other people have caused
I sense your fear of it being to soon
To feel the feeling you feel

To love you how you need and want to be loved
You just have to let me in
You just have to give me a chance
To show you how I feel
To show you how to love again

To make love to you again is like a dream
I hope it comes true soon
I hope this dream never ends
To hold you
To kiss you
To touch you

To enter you heart
To find your soul
To set you free in many ways
To hold your hand and kiss your lips
Is just one of many wishes
Just to say I love you
But know its to soon
To say those words to you


How do I tell you I fucken hate you
How can I tell you I never want to see you again
I can’t stop thinking about hurtin myself
Because of what you did to me
Now all I want to do is hide

Hide inside my fears
The fears that you brought on to me
Now I hate you and all men
Now I have lost so many friends

Today was the worst day of my life
Now I have to search myself
To find myself
To become myself
Again and again

I only want to kill myself
But the fear that I fear
Will never go away
Because you made it that way

How can I go on
How can I ever stop
Thinking about what you did to me
You hurt me
You scared me

Why do I feel this way
Why do I feel this way
I will go on
I will go on

Because I am myself
Because I am strong
I am here to stay
Till God takes me anyway
Then that will be the day

Wanting To Be Loved

How do I tell you how I feel about you
I want to be with you more then anything
Even though I know you only want friends
I really wish you would give me a chance
I’m not like the other girls

I want to love you for you
I want to care for you
I want to treat you how you want to be treated
If you only knew

How I really feel about you
Maybe you would give me a chance
Maybe I am just dreaming the dream
Of wanting to be loved

To Wonder

Why did we meet again
That we meant the way we did
Was it meant to be
I hope we become good friends

I care for you
I hope we can become more then just friends
I hope you can open up to me and not be shy
I will listen and be there

I can’t believe I am writing this for you
But I need to tell you how I feel
As I sit here wondering will you ever feel
How I feel
Will this love ever be there

The way I feel will never be controlled
How can I control something so strong
It feels so real
But I don’t know how you feel
And its killing me to wonder

To Make You

I see you looking at me
I see you smiling
Your eyes are green
And your hair is black
Your skin is pale

I want to talk to you
I want to get to know you
I want to be your friend
I want to make love to you

You can get to know me
You can learn my touch
And I can learn yours
I want to make you feel real good inside
I want you to make me feel good to

When will I see you again
When will I touch you again
Your feel your touch
I want it all again
I want your kiss
I want your tongue
I want inside my mouth moving around

To feel your feel
To feel your skin on mine
To touch the warmth of the warm
To make you scream my name
When I make you cum
Is so much fun

The Way You Make Me

The way you make me smile when you touch my face
The way you kiss my lips
How you touch me drives me crazy
I want to be with you every second of the day
I miss you when your gone
I can’t seem to get enough of you

I want to know every inch of your body
I want to make you mine
I go crazy when your gone
I think about you way to much
I love you and its to soon

How can this be
Its way to soon
I don’t want to lose you
I only want to be with you
I only want to kiss your pretty face
And love you every minute of the day

The One I Love

The tears you made me cry
The pain I have felt inside
You’ll cry those tears
And feel that pain
Because of that I’ll never be the same

I have found you God
His son Jesus has opened my eyes
The Holy Spirit has filled me up
I can only pray that the happiness that I once felt comes back to me
And the pain I’ve known I will never see

I thought I loved you
But it was only the Demons
They want me to feel that pain
The death and destruction
But I won’t let myself feel like that ever again

Not me no way
I love God and only God
He is our savior
He is our father
He is the one I love

I’m going to be someone you don’t want me to be
I’m going to fight you all the way
And as I do that I’ll pray
Pray to you God your Son and the Holy Spirit
That brings us life

But you the Devil brings us death
I feel sorry for you
No one loves you
They just think they do
Because you make them think that way

Not me no way
I love God and only God
He is our savior
He is our father
He is the One I love

Oh Why

Why do you make me feel the way that I feel
Why do I have feeling for you
Why is my pain so unreal
I want to cry so many tears
But they just wont come out of my eyes

I am so mad
I want to hit something
But then that would just lead to more pain
The pain in my heart and the pain in my hands

I will go on with my life
I will cry more tears
I will fall in and out of love
But I will never be with you
That I know is real

I just cant deal
With my life anymore
I am so not happy
I am so not strong

Not Close Enough To Touch

I want to lick you up and down
till you tell me to stop
making you cum till you tell me to stop
never wanting to let you go
but knowing there will be more tomorrow
holding it back till i can't hold it back anymore
wondering how i will tell you to stop

gawd I can wait to kiss your lips again
I can't wait till my Tounge touches yours
to make love to you again would mean more to me then anything right now
to feel you
to touch you
to love you
to cum on you

I wish you where lying nexted to me
in my bed
caressing me
loving me
feeling me
only to be with me
but right now we are so far away
but yet so close
only miles away
but not close enough to touch

My Life

Where is my life gonna lead me
When we are no longer one
Where is my heart gonna be
When we are done

Maybe I will get lost in the moment
Maybe I will be looking for something new
But really all I will want is to be with you
Cause it will take me a long time to get over you

But why and I thinking about all the sad
When we are still in happy mode
My mind wanders where it shouldn’t go
I worry about all the things that I shouldn’t be

Maybe you can make me think of better things
Maybe you will occupy my mind and my heart
Maybe you will make think happy thoughts

Looking In

I see myself looking out at myself
I see you looking in
Why are the tears falling from my eyes
I shouldn’t feel this way

I take a breath
I take in your kiss
I take your tears
I live to see you

Now I am haunted by my ghosts
Of my past relationships
Only wanting to be with you
Only wanting your love

To feel your kiss
To feel your touch
To take it in over lunch
While we are drinking a glass of wine
Over conversation

I feel free when I’m with you
I feel like myself
You make me a better person
You make me true to myself

Kissing You

Wanting you to be here with me
To hold you
To kiss you
Holding your hand as I kiss your neck
Sliding my hands down slowly
Taking you into me
Rocking you slowly

Kissing your lips
Touching your thigh
Rubbing you all over
I want to make love to you

Soft and slowly
Kissing you all over
I want to take you in slowly
How you drive me crazy
I can’t control myself
I can’t control my hands

I'm Glad

You make me want to scream
You make me sick and drop down on my knees
You hurt my heart and my soul
Hurt everything that I have ever known
I guess I’m glad that we are 3000 miles away
Cause I can’t look at your face

I am happy that we are done before we have begun
Cause honestly I don’t think you where gonna be right for me
I was gonna give us a shot
I was gonna give you my heart
But you made that clear that isn’t what you really wanted

I am glad I never went to you
I am glad I am still at home
Even though part of me is gone
I gave up my home for you
I gave up my things for you
I gave up my dog for you

Just so you could blow me off
I’m so glad
That I only thought I loved you
I am glad that people like you make me mad
I am glad I know I will never be like you

I Can't Wait

I can’t wait to look into your eyes again
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and cress your face
To touch your body
To make love to you
I can’t wait to see you again

Your skin is so soft
Your touch is so sweet
Your kisses are like a dream
That I never want to wake up from

I don’t like saying good bye
I wish I could be around you more
But then I would never want to let you go
But I am not sure how I feel about you yet
If its just a fling or something more

I guess time will only tell
But what I know is that I like you
And I want to be with you
Till I get to look in to those eyes again
You’ll be in my mind

I Can't Get You

I can’t get you out of my head
I can’t get you out of my mind
I want you in my heart
I want you in my soul
I want you more and more

I want to be in your head
I want to be in your heart
I want to be in your world
I want to be part of your life

I want you to feel my pain
I want you to cry my tears
I want you to make me feel what I have never felt before
Can you feel my heart beating
Can you hear my thoughts that I’m thinking

How Can I

How do I look in to your eyes with out saying goodbye
How do I tell you I can’t be with you anymore
How can I live my life with out you
Can I say goodbye
Without the tears pouring out of my eyes

Holding on to you
I need to let you go
We are not meant for each other
Didn’t you know

Cried tomorrows tears
Only knowing you are not going to be there
To feel your touch
To feel your kiss
To be near you one last time

Only to say goodbye for the last time
The sorrow that I feel inside
Will never die
The pain I feel is to real

Can I ever be free
Can I ever be me
How can I be with out you
How can I be me
When you’ll never let me go

Hard And Fast

I Have never had these feeling for someone like this before
I have never been in love this hard and fast
You make me feel thing I have never felt before
You make me happy when I feel down
You make me stop crying before I even start
You are my everything
And I’m Yours

I hate to say good bye
I hate that we are so far apart
I cant live with out you
Yet I keep going knowing you’ll be here soon

I cant wait to hold you
I cant wait to love you
I cant wait to be everything you have always wanted
I cant wait to say I love you in person
That day will be here soon
I love you
I love you more then you even know

Can We Be One

I’m crying over you
Cause I let you go
You make me happy
Even though I never showed it

How can I make things right again
How can we be one again
Now I’m crying over you
Now I don’t want to see you go

Can we be one again
I hope so
It may take time
But one day we maybe there again
I hope its soon
Cause my heart is broken with out you
I love you

But Yet I Cry

I hide behind my skin
Looking out of my eyes
I see blue skies
Wishing you where here with me
Wishing we would meet

How I want to be free
How I want to see the light
But yet I cry at night
When I look at your picture
Knowing we will never meet

Something’s are never meant to be
So I’m giving up
Love is a never ending game with the heart
I always lose know matter how I play the game

And Why

I drift away in your eyes
I remember what our love felt like
I remember your touch
Your skin and your kiss

Will it ever be like that again
Will my wish ever come true
Will I ever know
Oh I hope so

Cuz I can’t stand being alone
And I can’t stand being with out you
Here I go again thinking about you
Why can’t I have you
And why can’t I be with you

Missing You

If you only had a clue about how I feel about you
But now you will never know
Cause you didn’t want to let me in
So that is why I left you

I really wish things where different
Cause I really do care about you
Why did it have to be this way
I just want you in my life

I only wanted to be in yours
I only wanted to make you happy
But for some reason I don’t think I can do that
I don’t think you would ever let me in

So this is why I say good bye
This is why I let you go
Maybe one day you will see me for me
Maybe you will have the heart to open up

But until that day
I will be missing you
I will miss holding you
I will miss kissing you
I will miss everything about you