Sunday, September 11, 2011

They Once Stood

They once stood
Tall and strong
They fell fast and loud
With many lost
We now stand sadden that it already has been 10 years

We now have lost so many people due to this
But yet we continue to fight the war when we have already won
And we will continue to lose more
We must end this now
Let this 10 year anniversary be a reminder of what we have already lost

Let’s stop the war
Let’s stop the wasting of money that is going in to it
Let’s take a stand
Let’s be one on this day and remember what we had lost

Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Tried

You tried to break me down
You tried to make me cry
Now we are done
Now we are through
Now I just want to hate you

I am glad you never saw the real me
Even though you thought you could read me
I am glad I broke up with you
Cause if I would have stayed with you
It would have been a mistake
I am glad that you’re gone out of my life
Now I can live my life

You where dragging me down
Deeper and deeper
I was only looking for the door so I could leave
You trapped me into loving you
Only to feel pain once more

Now I am free
Ready to live my life again
I know your still going to be in my head
And in my heart
I am so waiting for that day you are not

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Will Move On

You have let me down again
This time it was the last time
I see you will never change
I see you will never be the person I though you could be

I loved you with all my heart
I loved you with all my soul
You can not hurt me no more
Cause I am walking out of your life

I know I have to deal with seeing you one last time
I hope you know I will break down and cry
But I will get over you
I will move on
I will find a new love
I will carry on

You know how to make me feel pain like I have never felt before
Will the pain ever ceased to stop
If it does will my heart ever heal so I can feel love again?
Will I ever forgive myself for feeling like I meant nothing?

Can I ever move on from loving you?
Will I one day have feeling back in my heart.
Maybe one day I will find a new love
Maybe one day I will find a real love
Maybe one day will come

Wish It Was Easy

Wish it was easy to say how I feel
But sometimes the simplest words are the hardest to say
So I look up at the stars and moon
Wishing you where looking at them too
Wondering what you are thinking at this moment
Wishing I was holding you tight tonight

Wanting to kiss your soft lips
Wanting to hold your hand just once more
Wishing I was looking in to your brown eyes
While I make love to you one more time tonight

Trying to hold back the tears of joy
Cause you make me feel like I have never felt before
You make me smile like I have never smiled before
How I want to take you in my arms and never let you go

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Silence

The souls of silence
The fear of pain
To feel the blade again the vain
The sounds of the scream
The taste of blood
To crave love

As I step back and see
How much love is all around me
The cry of help in the night
The rain of pain
The sadness of the soul
Will it ever be untold

My mind races
I want to look beyond the pain
I want to close my eyes
Hoping this is only a dream
Wanting silence in my mind
But tears fill my eyes

Holding you near
Holding your heart
Never wanting us to be a part
I call your name in the dark
But all I hear is silence
Then it goes dark

Losing me

Why does my heart feel like its been spilt into two
Why does it ache for you
When you never really wanted me
I’m not sure if I should be wasting tears on you
I feel the pain that your causing me

Why does it hurt so much
Only knowing that you never really loved me the way you said you did
You talk to other women in front of me
And you must think I am blind
But I am not
All your doing is losing me

That is if you ever really wanted me
That is if you ever really loved me
Can I even trust you now
Do I have a reason to
Should I continue loving you
Or should I just get over you and try to move on

So I Can See

Sometimes I wish I could wash away my sins
Then I could look in the mirror again
Loving you is so easy
Being me is so hard on my knees
Cause I’m always begging you for forgiveness

Wishing my life was different
Wishing half of what has happened isn’t real
But then I wouldn’t have you
Wouldn’t have you in my life
For that I am real

Wanting to hold you tight
Can’t wait for that day
It maybe night
Hope there is light
So I can see to kiss your pretty lips

Hanging by my only whim
Wanting to be where you are now
Thinking of how I can make that happen
Even though I know it might be a while
So I cry at night
Cause I can’t stand being 3000 miles from you

I Feel

Why am I happy on the outside
But feeling like I wanna die inside
You see my smile
You see my tears
You see all of my emotions

And that’s why I love you
For you
For everything
I want to hold you
I want to be with you

But we are so far apart
Don’t know when I will get to see you
I hope its soon
Cause I can’t take not being with you

I feel closer to you then I have with anyone else
I can tell we will last a long time
I want to see you smile
I want to see you cry
I want to feel your touch
I want to taste your kiss

Your on the west and I am on the east
But I know we will meet
I know we are meant to be
Cause our love is pure
Purer then it has ever been

For Loving You

I sitting in the corner thinking of you
I want you back
I need you back
But I know your feelings are not the same

So my mind is wandering like crazy
Thinking of what I did wrong
For you not to feel the same
So the tears start to fall from my eyes

Just once I was hoping things would work out
Things would be different for me
But they are just the same
I lose every girl I have ever loved

You may think I’m crazy
For loving you
But I can’t make my heart change my mind
From loving you

I might just go mad
I might just go crazy
wishing you where mine
For one more night
For one more day

How do I say good bye
When I am not ready to
How do I tell you
That my feelings are true

My mind is going crazy
And all I do is think of you
All day long
All night long
Your in my dreams
Your in my heart
You are my soul

Loving You

Loving you is a never ending game
Trying to figure you out isn’t fair
But I still love you
Why do I put myself though this
Why do I keep coming back to you

We can’t stay apart
We play to many games
But yet we are connected
The love we have is real
And yet I fear it

Why is loving you so hard
Why can’t I just walk away
You make it to difficult to stay away
And that makes me love you even more

I try to fight it
But I never win
My heart always steers me the wrong way
But then I feel the pain
The pain of loving you
And losing you

I always apologize for nothing
I always apologize for everything
But then again it was nothing
But then again it was something

Waking Up For A New Day

Why do I feel broken inside
Where I just want to run and hide
Breaking down and crying
Watching the tears fall from my eyes
When you said good bye

How the pain is taking a hold of me
Looking around
Wanting to be found
Only to hold my head up high
Cause I don’t want you knowing you hurt me
Hurt my heart
Hurt my soul
Hurt my self being

Waking up for a new day
Saying good bye to the old
Wanting you back
So I can feel again
But we will never be more

Your over me
I see that now
So its time to move on
Its time to heal my wounded heart
Looking for someone new
To share everything with
To give my heart to
To get over you


How do I tell you good bye
With out tears flowing from your eyes
How do I tell you I’m sorry when I am really not
You make me want to wake up and see the real me
You make me want to see the real you

I wish I could feel the pain that I have caused you
I wish I could take it all away
I only want to love you
But its so hard

I wish you where mine again
But I know you never will be
I caused you to much pain
For you to be with me again

I will learn one day
And I will make it right
But then it will be to late
Cause you will be with someone else

How our love was once great
But then I took it away
Cause I turn everything grey


The shadows fall across my face
As the tears stream down my cheeks
Its been months and I’m still not over you
I try and I try
Its not getting easier for me
I can’t tell you good by just yet
But I know your over me

Loving you was hard for me
But losing you is even harder
As the hours fade away
As the days go by
I start to lose pride in ever finding love
Finding my true love
Finding any love at all

So my eyes fill with tears
They never cease to stop
My hazel eyes where once happy and bright
Now they are grey
With undying sorrow
Will I ever see the light of happiness again

Keep Wishing

I keep wishing we weren't through
I keep seeing you in my dreams at night
Why did it have to end this way
Why did we say the things that were said

Somewhere someday maybe these tears will cease
But I keep thinking it's never going to be that day
How can I change the past
How can I look at the future

You where my future
You where my heart
You where my soul
Where did it all go?

It went away
You took it away
With the words you said to me
With the tears streaming down my face

How could you say those words?
How could you say that about someone I love?
How could you not understand he means the world to me?
You will never understand
You will never see the light of day

You will be lost in your soul
You have lost your soul mate
You have lost the one
And you will never get that back