Saturday, September 3, 2011

For Loving You

I sitting in the corner thinking of you
I want you back
I need you back
But I know your feelings are not the same

So my mind is wandering like crazy
Thinking of what I did wrong
For you not to feel the same
So the tears start to fall from my eyes

Just once I was hoping things would work out
Things would be different for me
But they are just the same
I lose every girl I have ever loved

You may think I’m crazy
For loving you
But I can’t make my heart change my mind
From loving you

I might just go mad
I might just go crazy
wishing you where mine
For one more night
For one more day

How do I say good bye
When I am not ready to
How do I tell you
That my feelings are true

My mind is going crazy
And all I do is think of you
All day long
All night long
Your in my dreams
Your in my heart
You are my soul

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