Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Lover

My lover

We went to bed
When I woke your bags where packed
You where walking out the door
I asked you why
You just walked away sad

You where my lover
You where my best friend
How did it just come to an end?

I feel lost without you
I don’t know who I am
You where my muse
What do I do now that you’re gone?

I can’t seem to think
I can’t drink
I can’t get you off my mind
My lover, my friend

I ran in to you a few weeks later
You had a new friend
I knew she wasn’t just a friend
You had that twinkle in your eye

My heart is aching
My soul is breaking
Where do I go now?
How do I move on?

You where my lover
You where my best friend
How did it just come to an end?

Every day is a new beginning
Every night is the end
Till I wake up again
I just want to hold you
I just want to kiss you
Just once more

You’re in my dreams
You’re in my heart
You’re in my soul
I can’t just let you go

Can’t I just move on?
I just want to sleep
I want the tears to stop
They are running down my cheeks

You where my lover
You where my best friend
How did it just come to an end?

Written by Melissa Kenyon 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Where are you

Where are you

When will I meet the girl of my dreams?
When will she walk through that door to my life?
When will I find my wife?
All the girls I meet are just not right.

She needs to find me soon
Before I get to blue
Before I just give up
Before I give up on love

Where are you my sweetheart?
Where are you my love?
Where are you my lover?
Just where are you?

I just need to hold you
Just need to kiss you
Just need to touch you
Just need to be with you

Oh where are you my love?
Oh where are you my sweet?
Where are you
You need to enter my life

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please forget me

Please forget me
Melissa Kenyon

How can you just forget who I am?
The tears stream down my face
Not wanting to live anymore
Now that you forgot who I am

My life is empty
My life is gone
Without you in my life
Can I cry myself to sleep?
Not tonight it’s a nightmare
Or is it just a dream that I want to forget

No don’t wake me
Don’t try to pretend that you are my friend
I have no friends
All I have is myself
And I have to live with it everyday
Have to live with an empty soul
The pain is too real to forget

So please forget me
Please forgive me
Please just leave me alone
I don’t need you or anyone else in my life

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Written By Melissa Kenyon

I thought you could have been my one and only
I thought you were falling in love with me
I guess you where just confused
I guess you where just indecisive
I guess I was wrong to give you a chance

Now you’re alone
Now you have lost a friend
I guess you will learn
I hope you’re happy
I hope you find what you’re looking for

I know I am not feeling anything
I know it is your loss
Cause we could have been something good
We could have been something great
I hope you have shed some tears
Knowing we will never speak again

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Don’t Think I Can

I need to get the fuck out of my head
I need to get the fuck out of my life
I just want to disappear for while
I just want to find a place to hide

No matter how hard I try not to think about you
You pop back in my head
You pop back in my heart
I wish it would just go away

Maybe you should be the one to disappear
Then I can go on with my life
Like you where never in it
But I don’t think it would happen

You think we can just be friends
But I don’t think I can
I can’t go from feeling everything
To feeling nothing

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Did I Go Wrong

Where did I go wrong with you?
No one wants you like I want you
No one will kiss you like I kiss you
You just have to give me a chance
To show you who I really am

You ran to fast
I thought maybe you would have been the one for me
Now I guess we will never know

I just want to scream
I just want to cry
I just wish this was only a dream
I just wish for one more day with you

But I know I will never get it
I know you will never want me how I want you
You just want a friend
But why when you could have so much more

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Only to get it Broken

Broken heart
Broken tears
I really don’t wanna have a break down here
Not in front of your eyes
Only knowing it was caused by you

Warm tears on a cold cheek
The salty taste as it hits my lips
Only wishing this was just a dream
Only wishing I could just scream
And everything will be alright

Grabbing what I have for hair
Trying to rip it out to just to feel
Something real
But all I taste is tears

Crying out loud
As my heart is breaking into two
But who knows why
I almost fell in love with you

Cutting my hand on glass
Just to watch myself bleed
Only hoping to feel any other pain
But what I feel from you
From you breaking my heart

Wish these tears would stop
Wishing I had another heart
Only to get it broken
Only to get it broken
By you