Sunday, March 6, 2011


How do I tell you I fucken hate you
How can I tell you I never want to see you again
I can’t stop thinking about hurtin myself
Because of what you did to me
Now all I want to do is hide

Hide inside my fears
The fears that you brought on to me
Now I hate you and all men
Now I have lost so many friends

Today was the worst day of my life
Now I have to search myself
To find myself
To become myself
Again and again

I only want to kill myself
But the fear that I fear
Will never go away
Because you made it that way

How can I go on
How can I ever stop
Thinking about what you did to me
You hurt me
You scared me

Why do I feel this way
Why do I feel this way
I will go on
I will go on

Because I am myself
Because I am strong
I am here to stay
Till God takes me anyway
Then that will be the day

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