Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Glad

You make me want to scream
You make me sick and drop down on my knees
You hurt my heart and my soul
Hurt everything that I have ever known
I guess I’m glad that we are 3000 miles away
Cause I can’t look at your face

I am happy that we are done before we have begun
Cause honestly I don’t think you where gonna be right for me
I was gonna give us a shot
I was gonna give you my heart
But you made that clear that isn’t what you really wanted

I am glad I never went to you
I am glad I am still at home
Even though part of me is gone
I gave up my home for you
I gave up my things for you
I gave up my dog for you

Just so you could blow me off
I’m so glad
That I only thought I loved you
I am glad that people like you make me mad
I am glad I know I will never be like you

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