Friday, May 13, 2011


I am a lesbian
I am strong
You may think I am a freak
You may give me dirty looks
You may want to spit in my face
But I will never change
I am happy being the way I am

I stand up tall for what I believe in
I will fight till the end to love who I want to love
I am not ashamed that I love the same sex
We should not be out casts
We should not be treated unfairly

We are stronger then you know
We will win this fight
We should have the right to marry
We should have the right to fight for our country without being beat on
We carry the rainbow with pride

We are more human then you know
And its not a disease
When will people see
We will not make you gay
We will not make you a lesbian

I just want to live my life with out judgment
With out racism
I want to live it with pride
For all the LGBT people out there

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